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ABC4PC - Web Site Design Hosting Marketing

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What Our Clients Say PDF Print E-mail

What ABC4PC's Clients Are Saying About Our Services

" Over 400 Top 30 Positions!!! Thank you ABC4PC!!

Our keywords are very competitive, so for a year and a half I had several promotion companies try to increase our traffic and rankings. We spent a large amount of money and never even got one top 50 position! I had a deep disenchantment with all the "Web Experts" who could not deliver results.

We were deciding to pull the plug on this Internet hoopla and go straight into print advertising, when I discovered Mr. West and ABC4PC. He spent a lot of time informing me with straightforward answers. I was very impressed with his knowledge and ability to explain search engine techniques in a way I could understand. Just as Mr. West speculated, we waited a few weeks for the search engines to pick up the changes and the results were phenomenal! "

Sean Mayer

thumbup "Dear ABC4PC,

I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. When we started our online health store we never expected to turn a profit so fast. You made us number ONE in Yahoo, with many top ten positions everywhere else, too . We had 60 thousand visitors last month, with average sales around $3,500 a day. At this rate we will exceed a million dollars in sales this year!

Thank you so much!"

Dr. Devin Ryerson

thumbup "When you told me you could get my website a high ranking on Yahoo, I was hopeful, but I have to admit I really didn't think I would make it into the top ten. After all, Yahoo is one of the largest search engines.

Well, you outdid yourself! You did exactly what you said you would and more! My site now ranks NUMBER ONE in Yahoo on my main four different keywords, and ranks number 2 and 3 on three other big keywords! I am overwhelmed. You moved my site from "no-where-land" to getting lots of orders everyday! Now my site is providing a full-time income. I never could have done this without you.

You did an excellent job, I can't thank you enough!

Thank you again!"

M.D. Llanos

thumbup "I have to tell you - you really kicked ass on the search engines! Every combination of my keywords comes up in the top ten. I just wanted to thank you for a bang up job."

Curtis Cramer

"We want to personally thank you for the incredible work you have done. Since we started using your web promotion service our sales have exploded. We dropped overture last december because they were charging us a fortune. Now your promotion brings three times the hits!

We plan to use your service in the future and will recommend it to anyone needing large amounts of traffic."

Tim Fowler

"I'm sending you this email to thank you and your staff for the excellent service you have given to my company. The hit rate to my site has increased from nothing to over 3,000 visitors on some days. The rest of the time I am averaging 2,500 visitors a day. I've had to hire 4 new employees to keep up with all the sales! We sincerely thank you for your dedication to our web promotion. Your service is first class."

Great work and Thanks again."

Ken Briggs

" ABC4PC put us number one in Yahoo!

Our keywords are extremely competitive, but thanks to ABC4PC we have top ten positions now. In AltaVista there are over 50 million web sites using our top keyword, and we are number ONE! Our second most important keyword was even more difficult (over 150 million) and we are number FIVE!

Thank You ABC4PC!"

Nick Matina

"Merry Christmas,

We are selling lots of books! Ron has to go to the post office everyday :^)
Our name is getting out everywhere on the internet!!!

Thank you for all the hard work to get us going."

Patty Kamin

"Dear Chuck,

I am sending you this bonus because you deserve it. I have really enjoyed my working relationship with you. Your technical expertise has made a huge difference in the traffic to my web site. I have worked with other website promoters in the past, but your professionalism and service is incomparable. I believe that you are one of the very few real web promotion experts that exist .

It is a pleasure doing business with you."

Akim Elanbassi

"You did it!!

I am:
# 2 for diamond earrings
# 3 for earrings
# 1 for diamond stud earrings
# 2 for diamond earring
# 1 for discount diamond earring
# 2 for diamond studs
# 1 for diamond stud earring
# 1 for stud earrings

I am very impressed. It's already getting a LOT of traffic!"


Yosef Adde

"Well somehow you succeeded!

I am #4 on that impossible phrase! You definitely know Yahoo!!!
This really took off; I can't believe the sales I am doing.

Thanks for everything."

Jason Boenzi

"When it comes to web promotion, I had tried everything with no success. I knew that being in the search engines was the only way I was going to get my web business going, so I started looking for the perfect web promotion company. I spent many hours researching countless web marketing companies online, and asked them all for references and PROOF that they can deliver what they say. Your company provided more proof, and more references than any of the others.

From my point of view you are the best promotion company on the internet. I can say that because your professional advice and guidance placed us in the top 10 on many key phrases we thought were impossible . The return on my investment went far beyond what I was hoping for. I will be hiring you again in the future for all my web promotion needs. You are worth every penny!"

Matthew McDaniel

" I can already see a huge difference in my traffic and my sales with just the yahoo promotion. In one week my web site traffic went from around 100 per day to anywhere between 600-800 per day."

Thanks again,
Mary Beth Langley


Thanks for all your sound advice. I now realize that without you guys I never would have made it on the internet. You and Art are two really great people. I truly appreciate all you have done for me. This dream of having a business on the internet would have never become a reality if it were not for your search engine optimization work. You and Art deserve all the credit for it. You really are the best in the business!

Warm Regards,
Joe Palladino"

"Great Job!

Sales are increasing! I'm very pleased with your work. My site has been getting great traffic since you optimized it. Each week that passes by, I get more hits! You are most definitely a big part in all my sales. I want to thank you very much for all your work and I will highly recommend your service to others.

Thank you"

Mardon Fleighter

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