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ABC4PC - Web Site Design Hosting Marketing

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Internet Marketing Tools & (SEO) Services PDF Print E-mail

Internet marketing tools and SEO services

Internet Marketing Strategies: ROI Maximization with ABC4PC's Help

ABC4PC's complement of customized Web Site Promotion & Internet Marketing Services will bring a continuous stream of new visitors to your web site whom we will help you turn from visitors into actual clients. We currently number among our customers some of the leading brand names and partner with market-leading companies to help us market your web site.

Internet Marketing Tools and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services that bring results

Your individually chosen Web Site Promotion & Internet Marketing Services team puts in the time, expends the effort and uses all their collective expertise to quickly reach an understanding of your unique marketing goals vis-a-vis your web site. After we have studied your individual case, your ABC4PC team will recommend a plan that is tailored to you and you alone, combining the fully spectrum of Web Site Promotion & Internet Marketing services we offer. Our promise to you is a combination of extraordinary results backed up by unparalleled customer service that is personalized, tailored to your individual circumstances, and always there for you when you need us.

What Full-Service Web Site Promotion & Internet Marketing Services Does ABC4PC Offer?

When you agree to work with ABC4PC, we will work with you to decide which combination of the services in our complete suite of Web Site Promotion & Internet Marketing Services will best suit your individual needs:

  • Search Engine Optimization - Integral to any package of services is Search Engine Optimization, in which we precisely research the most definitive keywords that will bring the most qualified visitors directly to your web site. We also look at your existing web site to see if there are technological details or other factors adversely affecting your current rankings. Using this information, we optimize the content on your web site and the meta data that search engines use in order to fit current search engine algorithms as closely as possible.

  • Paid Directories Inclusion - ABC4PC's relationships with many of the top search engines on the Internet today will help decide where you should spend your marketing dollars and which pages of your web site you should include in your paid directory listings.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising - After we have uncovered the best keywords for your business to use, we combine that with our knowledge of the best pay-per-click programs available at the most competitive pricing. We may suggest optimization of some of your pages in combination with PPC, but we may also identify pages where PPC is neither necessary nor effective, while others where it is the best approach for driving traffic to your web site.
  • Web Site Performance and Traffic Analytics - ABC4PC will analyze your current traffic statistics and if we do optimize your pages, we will re-analyze and perhaps even re-optimize based on data gathered over a short period of time. This is an area we will constantly revisit as your web site traffic statistics are generated to see which areas of your web site need fine-tuning in order to increase traffic and conversion in order to achieve maximum ROI.

  • Visitors to Buyers Conversion - We will help you create a web site which naturally leads each visitor along the path towards conversion to take your desired action, whether it be getting them to purchase your product or service, or to sign up for your newsletter, or to buy advertising on your web site. Your goals are our goals in the conversion process.

ABC4PC's Web Site Promotion & Internet Marketing Services achieve superior results through combining a number of tried-and-true practices, processes, and always keeping in mind that we must tailor our leading-edge, industry-best practices to our client's individual business needs. The same solution does not work for everyone; each customer has a different, individual solution that ABC4PC is here to help you discover and put into place.

No matter if your goal with your online campaign is to convert visitors into buyers, to increase the awareness of your brand name or product, or to uncover sales leads that are sure winners, ABC4PC's suite of services can help you.

Contact ABC4PC to find out how we can help you get results that place you among your industry's leaders by a combination of the services offered in our line of Web Site Promotion & Internet Marketing Services.

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