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Search Engine Optimization Services PDF Print E-mail
Search Engine Optimization SEO ServicesThe Key Component to An Effective Search Engine Marketing Strategy

When someone, using a search engine, types in a word or phrase describing information or services they are interested in finding, at least two types of information are shown to them

on the page that comes up when the search is completed.

These are: the paid-for advertising results (paid inclusion and pay-per-click) which are normally located in a column along the right side of the webpage of results, and results that come up via the search, based upon how closely information on any given webpage fits what the search engines algorithm and other sorting strategies are.

Search Engine Optimization, sometimes referred to as "organic", involves a complex analysis of your webpages with the ultimate goal of improving your ranking on the search engines like Google which use spider-based technology when that typical user again enters the word or phrase into the search box. The analysis includes not just looking at the content, but also at the underlying code and the setup of the page, and making anything from minor adjustments to major reworking.

ABC4PC® constantly investigates and updates our Search Engine Optimization methodology to keep up with the ever-changing search algorithms used by the 10-12 major search engines that account for more than 98% of all searches performed on the Internet, as well as to account for changes you make to your web site as new pages are added or products or services are launched.

ABC4PC's Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

Keyword Research - To discover which keywords and phrases will attract the most qualified visitors to your web site so that our other techniques can help you convert those visitors into customers.

Web Directory Submissions
- ABC4PC will contact the four most influential online directories and submit to them key sections of your web site for inclusion.

Search Engine Submissions - ABC4PC will submit your webpages to the major search engines so they will be listed by those engines and ranked prominently when possible customers enter keywords matching those carefully researched and matched words chosen during that part of ABC4PC's search engine optimization process.

Increasing Link Popularity
- Investigate the number and type of external web sites that have links to pages on your site in order to judge how their presentation can enhance your web site's search engine visibility.

Web Site Content Enhancement - Change and improve the content and navigational set up of your web site to remove any potential obstacles that may be adversely affecting your current ranking and to improve your future ranking on search engines.

International Search Engine Optimization - Add the necessary ingredients to touch the international marketplace and encourage visitors from around the world to your web site with the ultimate goal of converting them into customers.

Surveillance of Your Online Competitors - Uncover what services your competition is offering and consider ABC4PC's plan to change your web site to attract your competition's visitors to your site rather than theirs.

ABC4PC has a wide range of services to help in your Search Engine Optimization, and once our team discovers how your business operates and what its resources are for online marketing, we will recommend what combination of our services will work best with your individual business type to accomplish maximized ROI for your web site.

Learn more about Search Engine Optimization.

Discover which of our web site design & internet marketing services best meet your Internet marketing goals.