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Web Site Visitors to Buyers Conversion PDF Print E-mail
Web Site Visitors to Buyers ConversionABC4PC Helps You to Persuade Web Site Visitors To Act

The first step of attracting visitors to your web site may appear difficult at first, but the real challenge is to get those visitors to take an action while at your web site, preferably an

action that you have planned for and want them to take.

In fact, studies have shown that only a very small percentage of visitors to your web site spend enough time and effort to really understand the products/services you are offering them. Then, during the final step of converting these visitors into customers, you will lose another percent or two of those who went so far as to look seriously at your web site.

It is possible to capture a larger percentage of this pool of potential customers by using our Visitors to Buyers Conversion process - by helping you to create a web site that will address every potential visitor's wishes and persuade as many of them as possible to take an action as a result of their visit to your web site.

In extensive discussion with you, we will help uncover your marketing goals and what actions you ultimate want your web site's visitors to take, whether it be as simple as downloading an e-paper about you and testimonials from your customers all the way to being as complex as having the visitor sign up for your product/service online in a secure shopping area. Once we have sufficient information, we can craft your web pages so that they subtly lead your visitors from one page to the next to reach whichever action is their ultimate goal - to sign up for your newsletter, to purchase a product, to ask for more information, to set up a real-time consultation, etc.

Making An Easy-To-Use Web Site

One of the most important parts of this process is to reorganize and restructure your web site so it is as easy to use as possible and very intuitive for visitors to easily complete the tasks they wish to, such as signing up for a newsletter. Web site usability increases the level of satisfaction your visitor feels as they move from one page to the next until they reach their goal. Making this process as simple and straightforward as possible positively affects your ROI in a direct way. See how to integrate increased usability into your Web Site Promotion & Internet Marketing strategy.

Learn more about the process of internet marketing and online advertising itself and how ABC4PC can use this process to increase your web site's ROI by a significant margin.

Discover which of our web site design & internet marketing services best meet your Internet marketing goals.